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1 2 3… SET! DOTS

This set we have in our houses. We love him. Universal, very cute, and not to childish (for adults). That’s why it is a perfect decoration for a room of a small baby or a teenager. This set just goes with everything.

Our wall stickers pack allows you to create fun patterns in any room of your house. We’ve combined the best materials with the best color combinations to create  fashionable sets that will match any interior from the nursery to living-room or kitchen.

It’s a little touch that helps to create a real fairytale in your house. And we like fairytales very very much…

This DOTS 1 2 3… SET! consists of six templates. On every template we placed 18 pieces of wallstickers and that gives us a sum of 108 pieces altogether! It’s enough to decorate the whole room!

  • Size of every element: 5 cm.
  • Number of stencils: salmon – 3 pieces, gold – 3 pieces

3 + 3 = 6 🙂


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Opis produktu

Those sets of wallstickers are produced from self-adhesive vinyl and cut to the shapes seen in the picture above.

They are place on stencils that measures 30 cm x 30 cm. On every stencil there is a certain number of pieces that you just peel from the paper and apply on the wall.  They can be applied to almost any smooth, flat surface – e.g. walls, mirrors, doors – and easily removed in most cases.

Please remember to clean the wall from any dirt or dust before application.

Have fun!


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