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Wallstickers Cosmic Set

This is one of the sets that boys just loooove.

The set that consists of black element: 4 spaceships, 2 planets, a moon and some stripes to play with. On the wall, they will form a space trajectory of those little spaceships. You just have to choose the right way for them 🙂

Additional elements: golden stars /21 element on the template 30 cm x 30 cm.

  • height of the moon: 40 cm
  • spaceships & planets: around 10 cm
  • stars: 5 cm / 21 pieces


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Opis produktu

Those sets of wallstickers are produced from self-adhesive vinyl and cut to the shapes seen in the picture on the left side. Every color is placed on separated stencils. They can be applied to almost any smooth, flat surface – e.g. walls, mirrors, doors – and easily removed in most cases.

Have fun! 🙂


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