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Set of stickers GLOSS IN THE DARK

Stars shining in the dark are the fulfillment of our childhood dreams, when we dreamed about the fact that despite the tightly veiled curtains above our heads, star-shaped dots were still shining.
49 stars 4 cm in a megacity material that absorbs light – both sunny and artificial – and gives it away when the room is dark. The glow of our stickers lasts up to an hour (depending on the exposure), so your toddler can fall asleep easily with the starry sky above him.

Stars by day have a fairly yellow color, like most fluorescent stickers, but after dark … they shine like real constellations … Magic.

Size: 4cm x 4cm
Number: 49pcs


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We found a film that absorbs sunlight and releases it after dark. And we cut the stars out of it. The material is extremely easy to assemble, extremely thick (thicker than our laminated wallpapers!) And downloaded by us from Belgium. Tested then by us for 2 months in … our employee bathroom (this is the only place where the studio can turn off the light during the day).


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