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We’ve dreamed about it for so long …
Wallpapers are a difficult subject, because the choice of disputes on the market, but the ones we wanted – fabulous, wonderful, full, juicy – we could not find in our home country. And finally, one fine day, we established this noble marriage with Kasia Stróżyńska Goraj, our beloved illustrator. And we have. We have the beginning of a beautiful wallpaper adventure. (We no longer remember which side asked the most important question then, and whoever said: Yes!)
Wallpaper Little sleepy animals is a looped pattern that will make a chamber of a fairy tale out of every room. Sielsko, gentle, a little English style.

We print the wallpaper in 100-120 cm wide belts (depending on the material), which perfectly match each other. We glue the wallpaper next to the second one with the tangent line. We do not put the covers on ourselves. The fabric itself feels like fabric and is great. It is the best material we have printed on, and we’ve been doing it for 8 years!
Animals on the wallpaper have dimensions from 12 to 15 cm. And the accurate 120x 120 cm can be seen on one of the photos, where we present the wallpaper on a flat (packshot).
Navy blue in the background: a garnet with a warm color. It does not fall into the green, but it is not as cold as in suits 🙂 And this is not to cool the room coloristically. It will certainly fit natural furniture, both pine and dark. Wallpaper will be a great contrast.

If you are determined or you need a quote, write: Agata will answer all questions or accept the order.

NOTE: the price applies to 1 m2 of wallpaper.


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Opis produktu

We print the wallpapers on a material that resembles … fabric. It is not just an advertising foil, but a polyester material, specially invented in the distant past, brought to Europe by the Belgians, for interior decoration. And we just came to Belgium in the future 🙂
The material has a strong adhesive based on the acrylic system and the so-called Blocking profiles, which means it is an element. The blocks (vertical pieces appear) have a default position of 120 cm and we glue them on one without applying them on themselves.
The surface has a delicate structure, barely perceptible (like the material), but it is the material that is capable and the wonderful reproduction of colors, which is ideal for animals. They just look alive!
Our material is easy to glue, has a strong glue, but not as strong as all foils, for example advertising, which grab in time.
Delicate structure on the surface It seems to me that it can be scratched. However, this is not … 🙂
Also, add a transport foil, an order that has so far been used to manufacture all the stickers. Simplicity, with some lamp on the material allow to avoid this additional and often unnecessary program point 🙂
Attention, before sticking on the user and any wall-mounted condition – the prompt carefully primed the sanction and clean the surface of dust or grease. Please note, the photos can be glued on the walls only about 20 days after the last painting.


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