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Shelf plywood STONE 2

We’ve been working on plywood products for over a year. First of all, we were looking for an ideal carpenter who will help us to develop a shelf model that is not only aesthetic, but also extremely easy to assemble. They found him in a small town in central Poland and he developed with us four wonderful, solid and banal to mount a shelf of strong pine plywood.

A few technical data:

  • The size of the shelf: 40 cm x 65 cm
  • The plywood has a thickness of 1 cm. It is bright, without knots. It weighs about 2 kg.
  • It is mounted on screws, which we place in the holes covered by horizontal shelves. Screws are invisible after screwing the entire shelf.
  • The horizontal shelves have tabs that are inserted into the holes cut out on the back of the shelf. This makes the shelves have no additional visible fixings, brackets or screws. Sliding shelves can be additionally reinforced with glue, if they will be heavier objects or … we have tiny and curious children at home, and the shelf will hang within the reach of their hands 🙂


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What will we find in the package?

  • plywood shelf for self-assembly
  • two pegs to mount the shelf
  • clear installation instructions


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