Repositioning Wallstickers

Repositioning Stickers: Golden Balerina Set

This is a special material that allows you to place the sticker on the wall and the remove it safely. This glue will last for 10-20 changes of the place of the wallsticker. We every rearrangement of the furnitures in the room you can laso change the place of these wallstickers. Children can also play with them but be careful, do not stick them together.

This set consists of ballet shoes, three bows and fifty pink watercolour dots. It’s the ideal set for every little balerina or all the ones that dream to become one tommorow!

Size of elements:

Small set (S):

  • shoes – 56 cm height
  • bows – 11-13 cm height
  • dots – around 1,5 cm

Big set (L):

  • shoes – 90 cm height
  • bows – 15-20 cm height
  • dots – around 3 cm

The stickers do not have white frame around them which means that they look awesome on any colour of the wall.

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This special foil is the one you can play with. Just peel the sticker of the back paper and put it gently on the wall. That’s it, that’s all it takes!

Glue of this foil will last for 10 to 20 rearrangements.


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