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Our paper planner is the best solution for those who need a little organization in their lives. So… for most adults and all children 🙂

It’s cute (we chose 3 of our most popular patterns) ans practical because we did not put numbers on pages so that you can start planning every day of the year!

The only thing you have on every signle page are the names of every day of the week.

  • MEASURES: A3 (42 cm x 30 cm)


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You put it on the desk and it’s a decoration and help at the same time. Our planners consist of 52 pages, each containing a plan for 7 days. No dates, no hours, so that the palanner can serve you from any day, no need to plan to start using it from january 🙂

Pages are glued on the lower side of the paper. This prevents planner from fallin apart even if you put (and move) your elbows on it. Upper edge is glued only in the corners, very lightly.

Names of days are of course in english 🙂


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