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Confetti is a mix of our favourite colours and this is the CLASSIC set. Well, not only ours, because our clients helped us to create the best combination of shades and proportions. We organized a competition on our Facebook profile, we’ve created several sets of confetti and let the fans choose the best, those that were about to be produced and sold on our website. And this set is one of the winners 🙂

The goal with confetti stickers is to add a magic, joyfull atmosphere to every room. And it delivers. Because these 4 templates in 3 or 4 colours (depends on the chosen set) are enough to fill all the walls in the room. But our advise is: it’s better to stick to one or two. Confetti sets are someting for those who like to play with decoration and believe that a child’s room should be colorful and fun. And there’s a lot of fun with Confetti, on that you can depend 🙂

Confetti consists of:

  • 4 teplates
  • size of a template:30×30 cm
  • 72 elements alltogether (18 elements on each template)
  • size of every dot is 5 cm
  • colours of dots: black gold, light gray (x2)

We tend to create design that will not overdo the room, so the set of 72 elements is a perfect numer to decorate kid’s room.


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Opis produktu

These sets of wallstickers are produced from self-adhesive vinyl and cut to the shapes seen in the picture above.

They are place on stencils that measures 30 cm x 30 cm. On every stencil there is a certain number of pieces that you just peel from the paper and apply on the wall.  They can be applied to almost any smooth, flat surface – e.g. walls, mirrors, doors – and easily removed in most cases.

Please remember to clean the wall from any dirt or dust before application.

Have fun!


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