BOTANICS: Behing-the-bed Magic Forrest: Ferns

This behind-the bed wallsticker will be perfect to decorate boy’s or girl’s room. It measures 160 x 112cm and it covers the wall so that no dirt would stick to the wall or small mechanic damage would be done.

They match full size beds (such that measures 200cm) but it will also fit smaller sizes.

The material we used to create this wallstickers is thick, strong and laminated. It sticks to the wall strongly and there is no possibility of peeling it off the wall. Moreover, the laminated layer is washable and any dirt can be removed with wet cloth.

We advise you to apply this decoration just 10 cm below the surface of the bed to make sure the pattern looks natural.

This magic forrest – FERNS – was created in collaboratioon with a supertalented polish illustrator Kasię Stróżyńską Goraj. She brilliantly painted a set of ferns and we just put them all together in a wonderful pattern that now can be a lovely decoration in your children’s room.


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It was created from the demand from parent. We received hundrends of e-mails asking what to do with wall which are constantly being touched or kicked by children. We had no choice but to invent a wallsticker that would solve the problem of the irritating dirty walls.

Behind-the-bed wallstickers are an amazing decoration. Cut in the shapes of mouse, cat, rabbit or mountains they create a fairytale mood in the room. Not only are they beautiful but they are durable and very easy to clean with a wet cloth. 


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