Behind-the-Bed Black Mountains

The classic and one of the most popular wallsticker in Dekornik’s history.

Black mountains is a statement! Black, big nad… very practical.  This wallsticker can serve you as a chalkboard. You can use a simple chalk to write or draw anything you want on the surface of this wallsticker and then erase with a wet cloth. As soon as the surface is clean and dry you can write again. Therefore it is a perfect wallstickers to note lovely messages for your children. As soon as they open their eyes… it will be the first thing they see. And that’s what it’s all about!

Behind-the-bed wallstickers are our greatest pride. This wallsticker is a product created by us – from A to Z: material, color, shape and name.It is the best choice if you want to protect the wall behind your child’s bed or any other area that is being constantly dirty.

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Behind-the-Bed wallstickers are a great decoration but they have also practical side. You can write on them with chalk and then erase everytjing with wet cloth.

Application of this wallsticker is really easy although we recomment to do it with somebody else. It’s because of the size of the stickers and it’s easie with four hands to prevent both edges from sticking together.

Just peel off the sticker from the paper and then gently place it on the wall. At the end press the sticker from the center to the edges. Do it with one by one with every element of the sticker. Start with big black elements (mountains), preferably from the one in the middle and then move to the gray peaks. It’s not so difficult and provides a lot of fun!


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