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DeCORK BORD self-adhesive French Cloud Salmon with Stars

Dekornik goes ECO!

We’ve created our self-adhesive cork board to help parents decorate room in a fast and easy way. And to help children memorise all the things they learn in school or kindergarden. Because on our DeCORKs you can pin whatever you like. Over and over again!

DeCORK consists of:

  • self-adhesive cork board / size: 57×40 cm
  • set of wallstickers: 20 gold stars / size: 3, 4.5, 6 i 8 cm / one one stencil 30×30 cm

The stencil with stars is an additional element that allows you to decorate whole wall not only the piece with the cork board. You can apply wallstickers on the wall, ceiling or event on the surface of furnitures. This cork board and twenty pieces of wallstickers – it’s enough to change the atmosphere in the room into the magic playground and to change the way of learning.

Application of DeCORK is simple. You just peel of the paper from the back of the board and put the product on the wall. Then add the wallstickers. And it’s done! No easier way.


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Opis produktu

We’ve created our DeCORKs with care and preciseness. It took us a while (4 months of testing) but it’s only because we wanted to offer the best quality possible. Our cork boards are lovely and durable. The material is imported from Portugal and processed, cut and painted in Poland. The cork sheet is 8mm thick and finely granulated because – as we tested – it’s the best combination to create smooth surface and edges. The cork is an eco material. No chemical substances were used to shape them. We also use eco and certified methods to put color on the surface of all the boards.


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