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DeCORK BOARD self-adhesive Scandinavian House White with stars

Dekornik goes ECO!

We’ve created our self-adhesive cork board to help parents decorate room in a fast and easy way. And to help children memorise all the things they learn in school or kindergarden. Because on our DeCORKs you can pin whatever you like. Over and over again!

DeCORK consists of:

  • self-adhesive cork board / size: 57×40 cm
  • set of wallstickers: 20 gold stars / size: 3, 4.5, 6 i 8 cm / one one stencil 30×30 cm

The stencil with stars is an additional element that allows you to decorate whole wall not only the piece with the cork board. You can apply wallstickers on the wall, ceiling or event on the surface of furnitures. This cork board and twenty pieces of wallstickers – it’s enough to change the atmosphere in the room into the magic playground and to change the way of learning.

Application of DeCORK is simple. You just peel of the paper from the back of the board and put the product on the wall. Then add the wallstickers. And it’s done! No easier way.


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We’ve created our DeCORKs with care and preciseness. It took us a while (4 months of testing) but it’s only because we wanted to offer the best quality possible. Our cork boards are lovely and durable. The material is imported from Portugal and processed, cut and painted in Poland. The cork sheet is 8mm thick and finely granulated because – as we tested – it’s the best combination to create smooth surface and edges. The cork is an eco material. No chemical substances were used to shape them. We also use eco and certified methods to put color on the surface of all the boards.


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    69 sets are great adventure start sets with wall stickers. Three templates with a sufficient number of single-color stickers / shapes to decorate the entire wall.

    Theoretically, it is not a big deal, but a decorated wall, eg with hearts or clouds, may look like wallpaper. It can also completely change the interior of the room.

    But, but … One of the main advantages of our Minissets is … fun. And that’s because the wall application itself is extremely simple, so you can have fun with your toddler!

    Stickers, on the other hand, should be tested first on, for example, the wall behind the door. In 95% of cases, you can peel off and stick again, but please remember that each wall and wall are different, so we leave this margin of correction.


    dimension of templates: approx. 30 cm each
    number of elements on all templates together: 60 pieces (20 on the template)
    star dimensions / from the smallest to the largest: 3 cm, 4.5 cm, 6 cm, 8 cm.

  • Behind-The-Bed Wallsticker SCANDINAVIAN MOUNTAINS

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    Behind-the-bed wallsticker SCANDI MOUNTAINS is a bit… complicated. Complicated for use because we had to use two kids of material to create the set. One piece is printed and the other only cut from a clack foil. Mountains are printed. And they are printed on the foil with a very strong glue. And they are laminated so that you can erase any kind of dirt from the behind-the-bed wallsticker. Black elements are created with a black foil with not such a strong glue so you can easily put them (or erase carefuly) on the wall wherever you want.

    Size of the elements:

    • behind-the-bed wallsticker: 175 cm x 55 cm
    • black elemenets / clouds, trees, tipi: about 10-15 cm height

    If you put them altogether like in the picture you’ll receive a beautiful composition measuring about 175 x 90 cm


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    70.00 111.00 

    Maps super-stickers are our bestseller from the first day when we included them on our offer, i.e. the beginning of 2015. They are loved by moms, bloggers and, of course, children. Maps are colour stickers of large sizes with educational functions. Children can learn about continents, the most famous world’s buildings, popular means of transport and places where animals live (for selection). To each map, we add a set with the largest cities so you get also a geography test!

    Our maps were awarded with:

    • Superproduct 2015 award granted by Mam Dziecko magazine
    • Parent’s Choice Award 2016
    • Consumer Awards during Kind+Jugend Expo in Cologne, Germany
    • Supermama Awards 2016 – gold medal

    These are one of the most prestigious branch awards in Poland and Europe and we are greatly proud of them. They appreciated esthetical and educational features.

    What size of map to choose?

    • Small maps (120×70 cm) are a perfect way to decorate space above childrens desks.
    • Medium maps (150×90 cm) are a cool decoration to apply above the small beds.
    • Large maps (180×107 cm) are best if you want a big decor in your baby’s room. The fit over normal size beds or on empty walls. We love those large ones because they TRULY ARE a major decoration in the room like the one in the pictures.

    If it’s still too small for you, then maybe the biggest sizes will do. They are created to fill the empty walls, they change the whole character of the room creating wonderful, magical atmosphere of adventure.

  • Wallsticker Scandinavian Clouds

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    This is the most popular set among our Polish clients. Mums love them! They black, white and gray so they perfectly fit in any room decoration.

    Scandinavian design is very „in vogue” right now but we tried to make our pattern more universal combining simple colours with funny zigzags and spots.

    Scandinavian Clouds are available in three sizes

    • S: 85 cm x 55 cm – small clouds that will do on… small walls. In spacious rooms it’s better to choose bigger option
    • M: 115 cm x 75 cm – this set is best to decorate a wall over the cradle or desk
    • L: 170 cm x 110 cm – set for very big walls and spacious rooms