Wallsticker My Deer Lucy 1 standing

Lucy is a favourite wallsticker of Maciek, our head of production 🙂 Everytime when we send the wallsticker to another child, he shouts: Oooh, my lovely Lucy again! Well, that’s true love.

But kids love our deer as well. Mums too. It was they who chose the name for this little deer in a contest on our Facebook page. We also wrote a poem (in polish) about Lucy. She was so shy that she could walk to the forest. But one time she met so many friends from forrest who encouraged her to come to live with them that right now she’s not afraid of anything. She’s a great company to have 🙂

Wall stickers are the easiest and the handiest way of decorating walls. Small sizes enable a delicate decoration of a room, while the larger ones (minimal width of 150 cm) can “make” a whole room and they are often the main adornment of a room creating its character.

Lucy is available in various sizes:

  • S: 55 x 88cm – best for applying over small cradles, shelves or drawers
  • M: 72 x 115cm – best size to put over the small beds or desks
  • L: 110 x 176cm – large Lucy will be the best choice if you want to apply the sticker from the floor

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Our wallstickers are printed on a special polyester woven material that is created for wall decoration. We never use any advertisement or outdoor material but materials that are safe and properly adapted to it’s destined use.

Our materials are made with acrylic glue and has a block-out function which means that no color on the wall can be seen through our wallstickers or wallpapers.

It has a delicate surface structure (just like a any fashion material). This allows us to print the most beautiful colors and most lively looking animals, the quality of print is amazing.

Our wallstickers are very easy to apply and does not require any wet cloth or additional foil or glue. However the surface of a wallsticker can be scratched (though it’s not an easy task) therefore we recommend to use only hands or dry cloth for application. No wooden or sharp equipment is needed. The wallsticker has no transparent foil to help with application because there’s no need for that. It’s supersimple!

Before applying our wallsticker please make sure that the wall is properly primed. Then clean the surface from any dust or dirt.

Our animal wallstickers are cut with a small white frame – around 0,5 – 1 cm. It’s because of their fur, we add the frame to make the fur look natural.


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