History of Dekornik

The history of Dekornik begins in Paris in 2008. At that time, in the capital of France, Kasia Rostkowska and Maciej Walczak, a pair of graphic designers, became charmed by small boutiques with knick-knacks for interiors decoration. After returning to Warsaw, they decided to open an online shop offering the most adorable photo wallpapers, veneer, posters and wall sticker with a slightly retro design. 

Kasia, called Bachor (Polish for ‘brat’), can go to a workshop and stay there for two months designing patters for new decorative products. Maciek, a handyman, searches for machines for their production. Next, he familiarizes himself with them, tries printouts, cutting.
Online shop www.dekornik.pl is launched on December 1st, 2009 and its offer includes over 250 wallpapers, stickers, posters and furniture veneer. 

Dekornik fast became renowned by individual clients and magazines. Its works are published at such Polish magazines like “Cztery Kąty”, “Elle Deco” and “M jak mieszkanie”. Together with KumateStudio agency, they decorated interiors of Coffee Heaven cafes (in Warsaw, Prague and Riga) 
and Costa Coffee (Warsaw), displays and interiors of Empik, Reserved, Almi Decor, Hitachi and Denon stores and offices of companies such as Elektrolux, Polsat Media, Lufthansa, Skanska, Samsung, PZU and many other. 
We were guests also at TVN, in the series of “Kobiecy Biznes” shows, where we presented our history and products.

In 2015, Dekornik decided to „place a bet on children”. We slightly more focused on decorations to baby rooms, what turned out to be a bull’s eye. We did not imagine that this design would become our favourite and moms are such fantastic customers. They help and advise us, send their ideas and ready realisations.

This makes now Dekornik a store for BIG AND SMALL. We offer fairy-tale-like products both for children as well as their parents.

Welcome to… our fairy tale.


The author of the major part of patterns at www.dekornik.pl is Kasia „Bachor” Rostkowska, a graphic designer with 10 years of experience, who worked for such companies like Samsung, PZU, Skanska or more feminine like Almi Decor, Reserved, Tally Weijl and cosmetic company Bell. 


All our products are manufactured at KUMATE STUDIO, a studio owned by Maciek, who has always supported Dekornik. We observe the production of our goods and our team is always present at manufacturing. This makes us sure that each sticker, veneer and window foil guarantees super quality. 


We are active for 7 years and during this period, we have checked all materials for interiors decoration available on the market. We can be then sure that products at our shop are of the highest quality. What is more, all products are manufactured here at KUMATE STUDIO. We are the manufacturer of each photo wallpaper, sticker, veneer offered at www.dekornik.pl. We do not order production to third parties, nor import any goods. Buying Dekornik products, You buy proven goods, production of which is supervised by us from the very beginning to the very end.


We love what we do. Just like that. This is why we put every effort that all our customers also liked us. At Dekornik, we have no problem to match a pattern, to customize wallpapers and even to prepare a ready visualisation.