Kasia „The Brat” Rostkowska

Founder of Dekornik, now in charge of (except everything) social media nad graphic design. Works 24/7 with true passion. Doesn’t have a cell phone. It would be just a little bit too much 🙂


Maciej Walczak

Owner of KUMATE STUDIO, a production team that produces every wall sticker for Dekornik. Always on the move finding ways to make  something better and faster…


Piotrek Pszczółkowski

Looks over printing, cutting, producing, painting. Basically, looks over everything. In charge of the manual side of the creative workshop. Oh, and he’s the spirit of this place.


Paulina Glanowska

In one word: the Pearl. In charge of companies nad shops we work with, local and abroad. One woman show. She knows marketing, PR, she’s a seller  and – just recently – became a graphic designer. There’s nothing in the world that she cannot do. Or learn.


Paulina Formińska

We call her Hanka (her mum does it too). She’s been a fan of Dekornik since she was 12. And she’s a member of family of one of us. Whose family? Well, you’ll get the answear if you look at the hair 🙂
She’s in charge of shipping, creating a little bit of order in our chaotic environement.


Beata Leszczyńska

She’s like a female version of James Bond. Not particularly with guns and explosions but you can definitely trust her with getting the info and data from everyone. She the greates base of telephone numbers we know. Sometimes we think she might have the one to… Her Majesty.